Optimize Making Money Online

Search Engine Optimization has been one popular way of making money online ever since the boom of search engine marketing, but not many people are familiar with the inner workings of SEO.

SEO means exactly what it says: it is a method of optimizing websites and webpages for search engines. Applying SEO to a page or site makes that page or site rank higher in search engine results. How that is done is through the articles or web content in the webpage or site.

The articles contained in the site should have keywords (the number of which depends on the total word count of the article) that should be the exact same match or should at least resemble the keywords a person would type into a search engine (“resemble” meaning have similar connotations or be synonymous). The search engine would scour the Web for sites having relevance to the keywords used judging from the content in the sites. In the past, the more times the keywords appeared in a site, the more likely the site is deemed relevant to the search.

Internet affiliate marketing as a whole has become a larger industry with the use of SEO, and it remains to be one of the main sources of income for writers or for people who have just the right amount of writing and research prowess. As such, many people looking to make money online look to SEO for any opportunities they can take advantage of. Writing jobs like blogging and SEO are usually the first options people check.